Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"What's in a Name"....

Letters, of course. I know, I shouldn't joke about the work of Shakespeare. I apologize.

Anyway, an overview on a recent project- I wanted to use wooden monograms to spell my daughter's name. I found some at Michaels, but they only had white. To add a bit of character and to complement the new wall color, I used some of my favorite scrapbook paper to cover them.

I just traced each letter onto the paper. (I traced on the back side of the paper, so I had to turn the letter backwards.) Then, I cut it out and applied it to the wooden letter with good ol' mod podge. I brushed over the paper with two coats of mod podge to seal it.

I found a project similar to this at foodwineandmodpodge blogpaper mache letters

The Review: Something anyone could do. Fabric, paint, wallpaper would work great too!

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