Thursday, May 21, 2009

Papa's Workshop

My dad has always enjoyed woodworking. He doesn't have a designated workshop at the house but often stains the wood and cuts the pieces in the garage. When my sister and I were much younger, he made us a lovely pink playhouse, then later painted it yellow to match our family's home. He also built a seesaw that got a lot of use. He even made my sister and I furniture when we moved into our new apartments in college. (We now use the end tables in our family room.) Now, Dad has never even considered that he just might be talented in woodworking and could potentially make some money building these items. He enjoys putting his heart and soul into these projects and giving them away. Two years ago, he found a rocking horse at a thrift store in the Cities. He purchased it and used it as a template for his own rocking horse. He has since built at least six rocking horses and given them away. He recently decided to build a seesaw for the grandkids.

These projects keep Dad occupied, and I know it brings him such joy to give his creations to others. I think that seeing the happiness they bring to those who receive the rocking horses and furniture has helped his confidence and increased his passion to make things. Not only is my dad building something, he's using his God-given talent to build something beautiful that will bring joy to somebody's life! As he works on his projects, he learns something new and sees a new opportunity, and I know that his gift will make a difference in somebody else's life.

I've attached pictures of our daughter's rocking horse and the seesaw he built a few weeks ago. I'm so proud of him!


For quite some time now, I've been debating on whether or not to start a blog. I'm not a guru on any specific topic-that's my husband. He's the wiz in all things sports, history, and science. I'm not a great writer. I just have so many random thoughts about my journey through life and such appreciation for all that I've been blessed with. I'd like for my daughter to someday look back and understand just how special she is to her father and me. We are expecting our second daughter in September, and we are so excited to meet her!

This morning, my husband asked our DD, "Mommy's really getting big," of course referring to my quickly expanding mid-section. Then he asked her, "Is Mommy getting bigger or is the baby getting bigger?" She quickly responded, "The baby!" But in all honesty, I have grown quite a bit these past 5 months too-not only putting on the necessary weight that goes with pregnancy (and the weekly gyros from Nick's and daily doses of ice cream) but also growing spiritually. I'm blessed to be part of such a miracle, and I thank the Lord every day for this healthy baby girl growing inside me and for my healthy, happy daughter that I get to watch grow up every day. DD is evolving into her own little person, and she is so full of love, curiosity, passion and hugs that I want to run right alongside her through the sprinklers and through her carefree world! She has certainly helped me to see the brighter side of things again and to relish every moment and every day, without dwelling on the past and worrying so much about what might tomorrow.

So, thank you to my daughter, for being that sunshine in my life every day and my husband, for loving me as I am and for putting up with my moodswings. I am so thankful for you! I feel myself growing stronger, more passionate, more appreciative every day because I've been so blessed to have such a wonderful family! This includes my fabulous sister, parents, and in-laws!