Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Definitely Unique

So, this may not be anything fancy but I think it's extra special because my daughter made it for her friend's gift.

I ran across a tutorial for recycled cardboard box made into gift bag project this morning. Thought it would be a great way to keep my daughter busy while I had fun cleaning house....
Here's how we did it.

what we needed:
recycled cardboard cereal box, granola bar box, etc... (we used large oatmeal box from Sam's Club, probably thicker than needed to be but needed something that would fit the gift)
tempera paint, craft acrylic (any craft paint except watercolors would work)
hot glue gun
ribbon (fabric, twine would also work)
paint brushes/ stamps

(1) carefully open boxes at seams, then lay flat

(2) paint inside of box, allow to dry

(3) glue box back together, painted side on outside
(4) punch holes or use exacto knife to cut set of holes on two sides for handles
(5) string ribbon through holes and tie to secure as handles

There you have it....May not be anything fancy, but it's definitely unique! :)

You'll find a tutorial for cereal boxes turned into gift bags here.

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