Friday, April 15, 2011

Shadow Box Training

I'm not so sure about this one, and I'm rather embarrassed to share pictures with you, but perhaps it will inspire you to do something similar but MUCH, MUCH better and more creative.... I'm more or less attempting to train myself through much trial and error... but it's oh so fun!

anyway, there's a story behind this experimental project....

I was starting to smash down a surplus microwave popcorn box for the recycling bin and started reminiscing about growing up and watching movies on the big ol' box TV with my family and enjoying popcorn from the air popcorn popper.  Box TVs. .....then for some odd reason, a shadow box picture frame came to mind. Maybe I could make that box into a picture frame??

Here's the lovely box-before I 'shadowboxed' it... ???

First, I flattened the box and painted it. I tried the crackle effect (white acrylic, glue, red acrylic, blow dry), but really wish I just spray painted it red (although the weather is too dang cold for that!)

After the paint was dry, I turned the box over and used Mod Podge to apply a fun wrapping paper. This would be the inside of the shadow box. (Wallpaper or fabric would probably work better. This was kind of a trial and error project...) I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge over the top to seal. Allow to dry.

Next, I used the good ol' hot glue gun (high heat) to reassemble the box, keeping the wrapping paper to the inside of the box.

For now, I set it on top of my kitchen cabinet. I'll give it some time to see how I like it. I could use one of those velcro picture hanging things if I want to put it on the wall later, with a black and white picture. If that doesn't work, the box is just wide enough for file folders, so I can always use it in the office. :) I just hate to see those cardboard boxes go to waste.

The Review: I'd like to try it again but will paint the outside a solid color (preferably using spray paint when weather warms up). Next time, I'll either use wallpaper or paint the inside of the box a solid color. (I'll also make sure to disguise the seam at the back of the box).

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