Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tied Up

What can you do to take a time-out from a busy schedule, have a 3-hole punched folder, paper and plastic cable ties on hand?

Make a journal/ notebook! A fun project on your own or with your kiddo(s)

how we made it:

(1) 3-hole punched folder
(2) 15 pieces of paper cut to fit in the folder and 3-hole punched to line up with the folder
*We used paper from a huge roll we bought at our local shopping news publisher for $5
(3) plastic cable ties purchased at the Dollar Tree

Pull the cable ties through the back of folder, through the paper, then through the front of the folder and finally, pull the cable and tie up to close

I found this idea at dollar store crafts. Click here to view her tutorial for making a file folder notebook. You'll find a ton of great ideas at her website.

The Review: My daughter and I had a great time with this project. Will probably do it again with a few changes.

a few other ideas-

in place of white paper-You could use old stationery, lined paper, old torn-out book pages to add some character as the paper, picture page inserts.

ideas to replace folders- old book covers thin enough to punch holes through, recycled cereal/ cracker boxes (Even use mod podge to cover with fabric!)

in place of plastic cables- binder rings, knotted yarn or ribbon

Email me pictures of your projects! I hope this inspires others to give it a shot.

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