Friday, March 1, 2013

je t'aime "pseudo screen print" onesie- TUTORIAL

I'm loving this little onesie I made today for my niece! 

While trying to brainstorm a unique idea, I remembered the set of 10 ja t'aime cards/envelopes I picked up at Target for $3. 

So, I scanned it and saved the image as a 5"x7" document and printed it directly onto white cotton fabric. I used heat 'n bond to apply to the onesie. 

Want to try it? 
Gather the following supplies-
distilled white vinegar and baking soda (to make own ink fixative
fabric-I used an old 100% cotton pillowcase
ink-jet printer 
5"x7" cardstock (I trimeed an old greeting card to size)
spray adhesive
Heat 'n Bond 
Onesie or T-shirt
needle and thread (optional)

(1) Find your image and save to size desired
(2) Apply pre-treated fabric with spray adhesive to cardstock; make sure edges are secure
(3) Print image and cross fingers it goes through the first time ;)

(4) Iron Heat 'n Bond to wrong side of printed cloth according to instructions
(5) Trim around image
(6) Iron printed cloth to onesie according to Heat 'n Bond instructions
(7) Hand stitch or use sewing machine to help secure the fabric and/or to add detail/ color (I used black thread)-optional

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