Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super Silly Simple DIY Ribbon Wand

My oldest has been making homemade 'ribbon' wands by tying dish towels and pillowcases to an old toy plastic golf club handle. While I appreciate her creativity for improvising, I'm tired of continually washing dish towels that aren't really being used.... so, I figured I'd surprise her with a 'real' ribbon wand...  ;)

She looks proud, doesn't she?

Want to make your own? I had everything on hand, so this project was FREE.

Here's what you need-

1 tree branch, approximately 12" length, and 1/4" diameter (on hand or borrow from a neighbor)-free
screw eye (on hand or available at hardware store in picture hanging kit)-$1.50
ribbon, approximately 5 ft. (fabric would work too) (on hand or craft store)-$1.50
Total Cost: Free or $1.00 (considering cost/ item used for 1 wand)

1. Find a branch that's 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter. Cut to 12" in length.

2. Sand edges to create flat surface. 
3. Carefully screw the eye hook into one of the edges.

4. Twist end of ribbon and string through the eye hook. Tie and knot again to secure.

The Review: It's nothing fancy (maybe even a bit tacky), but it's for my little 5-yr old. She could honestly care less about what it looks like.

You can find a great tutorial here on how to make ribbon wands with dowels. They recommend them as guest gifts at weddings!

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