Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Ava Top-made with love by mommy

I wanted to challenge myself to make something completely from scratch, creating my own pattern. I had the perfect fabric for my attempt at a loose fitting top for Ava.

How I made it:

(1) created pattern by tracing a loose fitted top by folding shirt in half, allowing a good 1" seam allowance on all sides (advanced sewers usually need only 3/8")

(2) folded fabric and traced the pattern against the fold -cut two pieces

(3) Turned right sides together, pinned in place then stitched the seam armpit to length of shirt, using straight stitch. Later reinforced seam with zig zag.

(4) Then, stitched the sleeves and collar.
*At this point, I had Ava try on the shirt. The bodice fit fine but the arms were way too snug.. :( So, I thought I'd cut seam 5" from edge of sleeves,to create an open flare-like sleeve, then stitched either side, creating an outward 'V'.

(5) I stitched a hem at the bottom, then decided to add a pull tie to the bottom. So I folded it up one more time to allow room to pull a tie through. I used some turquoise ribbon trim from an old pair of PJ's.

The review: a nice feeling of accomplishment. I love the fabric, and Ava loves the shirt! (yay!) If I make another shirt, I will sew the sleeves separately, making sure they are the size and shape I want them. Plus, I think it will be easier to try a different style of sleeve. I would also use a softer cotton fabric.

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